4 Simple Tips For Organizing A Great Bridal Shower

When there is a wedding on the way then you know that there are certain rituals that must be done before the big day. One of those pre-events is the bridal shower that is hosted for the bride by her close friends and family. It is one of the most awaited events for the main ladies of the bride as it is a fun and intimate way to enjoy the last few days as a bachelorette before the bride gets married. Here are some tips on how you can throw a great bridal shower for your family or a close friend.

Initial Discussion

It is important that you acquaint yourself with the bride’s family and friends to check if there is already a shower planned as it would not be great to hold two parties with the same people! There are exceptions of course, for example, if you are a co-worker of the bride-to-be then you could arrange for an “office” bridal shower that would less likely coincide with any other arrangements. It all depends on how close you are to the bride and how you would like to organize a memorable party. Make sure to communicate all potential ideas with all those involved in order to throw a great bridal shower.

Discuss With The Bride-To-Be

If you don’t intend to surprise the bride, then by all means get her involved in some of the planning too, although not all of it. It is always fun to give her an element of surprise and mystery to make it all the more fun. Some of the main things to run through the bride would be the guest list of course. You would not want to invite people to the bridal shower and not the main reception. Next, get the dates and times arranged making sure it is convenient for the bride. The rest of the event can be handled by those involved in the planning so you can keep the bride minimally involved. The location, theme and other details can be decided by her close family and friends.

Choosing The Location

Deciding on the location is almost always the best part in the planning process. If the reception is going for a country wedding venues, then it would be appropriate to have the bridal shower in a similar theme. This would mean an outdoor venue for example. The location of the shower determines the theme, whether it is a beach party or to be held at a fancy hotel or even at the bride’s or maid of honor’s home. Keep in mind that the shower should ideally match the bride’s personality, her wishes and not forgetting the budget.

Choosing A Theme

The theme of the shower will help you give focus and direction on the mood and can even have an impact on the type of gifts the bride will receive. There are several themes you can choose from. Apart from getting a general idea of how the bride has planned her reception, you can try to match that or completely change it to make it more interesting.


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