4 Tips to Consider When Throwing a Party for a Mum-To-Be

Baby showers are always a joyous celebration and a time that should be memorable, intimate and fun for everyone present. It is important to make the expecting mother feel special by inviting close friends and family to attend a well-thought-out party with great décor, food, and drinks. The article below will highlight some of the main steps that you need to take in order to organize a wonderful party for your mum-to-be friend.

Decide and Finalize the Guest List

One of the first steps that you need to work on is determining the guest list. The obvious invites would go to the mother-to-be family such as her mother, sisters, cousins and aunts. Figuring out her close friends would have to be a team effort where you can ask her family and the mum-to-be on who needs to be invited. Once you finalize on the guest list, you can determine how many invitations to be sent, what the expenses will be and how big your venue must be in order to accommodate everyone. As the organizer, keeping a checklist and a to-do-list will help you prioritize and keep track of all the tasks. You can also look online for baby shower venues Melbourne and have a list of potential choices.

Picking out The Invitations

Nowadays, there are many ways you can choose to send the invitations. Most of today’s invites are sent through email and are known as e-invites. They are just as great as physical invites because each can be personalized. If you have set aside a specific budget for more decorative types then sending out mini baby bottles with the party information is both unique and striking. You can even make your own invitations to add to the personalized touch. It is important to send out the invitations at least three weeks ahead.

Selecting a Theme

The theme of the decorations solely depends on personal preference. If you want a theme according to a character in a fairy tale or baby animals, flowers or any other light-hearted theme, it is up to you. If the sex of the baby is known then you can theme pink for a girl or blue for a boy. Getting everything from the napkins to the table linen, banners and balloons will give an organized and attractive look to the party.

Memorable Centrepiece

One of the most attractive decorations is the centrepiece which ideally holds all the refreshments at all mother-to-be parties. You can start by placing a neutral or white coloured basket that has maybe soft toys or rattles that coordinates with the colour of the theme. Add decorative ribbons, a few pastel coloured helium balloons and sprinkle some confetti on the table. You can include themed cupcakes, various finger foods and coloured drinks to match the decor on cake trays and other decorative plates to level the table to different heights. Don’t forget to add some fresh flowers and floral arrangements in the colour of the theme to make it look elegant and fresh.


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