A Step-by-Step Guide to Corporate Event Planning

A corporate event is much more different than other kinds of gatherings. Corporate events don’t just gather people together but also has set goals that are aimed to improve the company or the brand. There are different kinds of corporate events – from seminars and trainings, to product launching and a lot more. If it’s your first time being assigned to plan out a corporate event, you might feel overwhelmed thinking about all the things you have to prepare to make it a successful event. No need to worry though because here’s a simple step-by-step guide in stress-free corporate event planning.

List the Details

Before starting with anything else, be sure to create a detailed list of everything involved in the event such as the date, time, number of participants expected, and many more. When you know all of these little details, you can now proceed to the planning proper.

Set a Budget

Decide on how much you or the company is willing to spend for the event. If you already had a set budget, be sure to stick to it and leave some extra for emergency or unexpected expenses during the event. Having a buffer budget leaves you assured that you can still meet everything that’s needed without going over the budget. Create a detailed list on how much you’re planning to allocate for certain factors such as the venue, food, entertainment, and all the other expenses involved.

Look for a Venue

There are plenty of factors you need to consider when choosing the venue for your corporate event. Aside from the budget, you also have to see if it can accommodate the number of your guests, the location, logistics, or even accommodation if the event will last for a few days. Don’t forget to ask about their amenities, catering and their tech equipment and support if they have everything that you’ll need. Check out our function venues Melbourne to find a space that perfectly suits your budget and event needs.

Food and Entertainment

Good food and entertainment are the factors that could make or break any event. When choosing a caterer, be sure to taste all the food they are offering to know which ones you want to be served during the event. Don’t forget to consider food restrictions for some of your guests if ever. Buffet style is generally the most common style of serving during corporate events.

Aside from food and drinks, picking the appropriate entertainment for the event is also important to keep the guests engaged especially during those gaps between presentations. You can go for a band, a DJ, or whatever kind of entertainment it is that suits your audiences best. You can even have some mini games for the guests to enjoy while passing time.

After planning everything, set the logistics and keep in touch with the vendors to be sure that everything and everyone is in place before the event starts. With this simple event planning guide, you can definitely plan out a smooth and successful event and enjoy it at the same time.


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