Four Ways to Surprise Your Friend on Their Birthday

Surprises never fail to make someone happy. If you are thinking of the best ways to make your friend happy and surprised on their birthday, there are many ideas to choose from. Surprises do not necessarily have to be something of a grand nature. It could be something simple which can make the other person happy and excited. In order to this, you need to be aware of the likes and dislikes of your friend. Below are some useful tips you can use.

A Road Trip

This would be ideal for someone who loves to travel. For example, you can plan a road trip with all your closest friends and break the news to the friend who’s celebrating their birthday. This will make them more than happy and will give them the opportunity to spend time with their closest friends. In order to determine the destination of the trip, you may have to ask your friend about their likes and dislikes in a tricky way. This will make it easier for you to plan the trip and to make sure the friend will enjoy it.

Party Away!

This might require a lot of planning and effort, but at the end of the day it will surely be worth it. Especially, if your friend loves to party and they might not be able to afford a big party for this birthday, you and your friends may pool in and collect some money at least 2-3 months prior. You will also have to decide on a suitable venue. Take into consideration the best function venue Geelong and determine whether the space can accommodate the guests of the party. Also, decide whether your friend will be more satisfied with an indoor venue or an outdoor venue.

Concert Tickets

This is an ideal surprise for a friend who is a music lover. Consider purchasing a ticket to their favourite concert and surprising them with it on their birthday. Make sure you are aware of their music taste and the artists they prefer. Make sure to reserve the tickets beforehand as concert tickets are likely to be easily sold out soon. Surprising your friend with a concert ticket will not only give them the opportunity to watch their favourite artist perform, but will also make them have the most memorable birthday ever!

A Gift for a Foodie

If your friend is a foodie, the best thing you can do on their birthday is to take them to their favourite restaurant. You can either organize a small get together or surprise him/her there or else gift them a voucher to be used later with friends or family. This will surely make them very excited to try out different varieties of food from their favourite restaurant or cafe.

Thus, there are many ways in which you can make sure your friend celebrates their birthday in an unforgettable way and it is your time to make maximum use of it!


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