Selecting the Perfect Function Venue

When we organize something, we think what’s important is the food served and guest service. Little do we realize that a takeaway memory from a function, in a guest’s point of view is not only the food but what your organization skills looked like. Basically, how well put together and aesthetic your venue and setting were.


The perfect function venue gains top importance because of the ease of getting there for your guests. They would always prefer a venue close-by that doesn’t burn off all their gas or require a tiring train or bus journey. So, go through their locations and pin that sweet spot!

The Guest Services

This boils down to guest comfort. You should be able to have a setting big enough for your guests to ‘breathe’ out. A venue that’s too small will cram your guests together and make them feel like they have no personal space, similar to a herd of sheep. Try thinking about you having to move over from a conversation or getting up from your seat to let someone through, pretty annoying isn’t it?

The Ambiance

Nowadays it’s all about ‘blog worthy’ and ‘aesthetic’ settings. Classic rosewood floors or fully tiles floors and over decorative designs that are tacky just don’t cut it. The atmosphere of your function will reflect on what kind of person you are and whether you keep up with the ongoing trends. To show them that you live in the now, try energy sustainable designs and something rustic-maybe mason jars for glassware? There are amazing function venues Melbourne that will make your vision come to life.

Food for the Win

Imagine someone asking you how a certain function was; your answer would definitely be a sentence with a keyword for the setting and ambiance, and a longer description of the food! When selecting the food served to your guests, it’s important to check if there are people with varying diets such as vegans, vegetarians, and pescatarians. Or smaller facts like- Does the majority prefer chicken over steak?

Serve meals with amazing plating, it doesn’t matter if the meal is gourmet or not, because one thing is for sure, people always eat with their eyes before they taste it with their tongue. You get your ‘bloggers’ posting it on their Instagram or Snapchat, it would be sad to disappoint them with a bad quality look.

How does this go with the venue you ask? The food should always be in sync with the theme of your venue, or maybe the color of your venue. For example- a side salad with some lemon salmon would be more than perfect for a rustic looking venue decoration.

Get Your Drinks Right Too

If you served fish or something that might give out a smell, apart from alcoholic drinks (if you’re serving any), think about serving something with a breath refresher in it. Maybe a mint cooler or a lemon mint mojito? Your guests will really acknowledge and appreciate it.

The venue can make or break your function, so it is advisable to give it a good thought before you select.


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