Top Tips for Dressing Up for a Wedding

Dressing up for a wedding is not a nightmare just for the bride. Choosing the right outfit can be tricky. On one hand, you don’t want to dress too fancy and upstage the bride. You definitely don’t want to be underdressed either. Here are several tips that will help you navigate this dilemma and pick the best outfit that fits you:

Pick Soft Colours

It’s a wedding, so pick an outfit in soft colors. You can try popular shades like purple, pink, and light yellow. If possible, ask the bride what color she’s wearing to avoid an embarrassment in advance. Don’t pick colors like black that you would wear to a cocktail party or a dinner. A wedding is on a whole another level. Also, don’t wear white because that would most likely be what the bride is wearing. In any case, white is the bridal color so avoid it.

Avoid Shiny Stuff

Don’t wear your sequined black dress to the wedding. If possible, avoid “dressy” outfits more suited for formal dinners and parties. Simple but elegant touches are the best. You can get dressy with non-gaudy items like lace and embroidery. Otherwise, stick to the formal style.

Do a Suitable Hairstyle

To really pull off the outfit, you will need the right hairstyle. For best results, find a saloon that uses kerastase hair products Melbourne. Your hair will look shiny and frizz free. As with the outfit, pick a simple yet elegant hairstyle. You don’t want to outshine the bride after all.

Pants are Okay, Just not Casual

It’s perfectly fine for women to wear pants to a wedding. The only rule is that you can’t wear casual pants. Shorts are definitely a no, even for an outdoor wedding. When you choose pants, make sure you are choosing formal pants. Business formal or dress pants are the best. You can go for a one-piece pants outfit if you like. Again, only as long as you are wearing something normal. Formal wear for the office is perfectly fine for a wedding, as long as you pick the right colors.

Dress Conservatively

Keep in mind that weddings are family affairs. So dress conservatively covering your shoulders, bust and thighs. A wedding is definitely not the event to show off your skin-showing outfit. The parents or even the soon-to-be spouses may not like it. You can wear any sexy, skin-bearing outfits to wedding after parties that the couple might throw their friends. But for the actual ceremony, make sure you are dressed in a family friendly manner.

Check Fit Soon before the Event

Think that dress you wore to an event a year ago would still be suitable for the wedding? Think again. Your fit may have changed since then. If you are planning on wearing an outfit that’s been in your closet for a while, try it one several weeks before the event. Make sure it still properly fits. If not, there would still be time to get it ready on time.

Dressing right for a wedding isn’t rocket science. There are only a few simple rules you have to follow. Make sure you stick to soft hues, the right size, and formalwear and you won’t go wrong.


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