Awesome Themes for Stag Parties

Usually stag parties are considered to be very low maintenance celebrations with just the lads and a few high stools in the favourite pub that you all would hang out together. Maybe even a stripper or two could grace the occasion. But in the recent few years that have gone by it has slowly risen to the point of being a celebration that would need more planning and fan-fair at the same time.  It is 2018 after all and that means that it is time for you to upscale if you have a stag party on the cards. The best way to go about mixing things up is with a theme. Themes are really good ideas because you will definitely stand out from the rest of the crowd no matter where your location is and of course a drunk friend gone AWOL is easier to find if they are wearing a pink tutu. So here are some great ideas for a stag night that you should seriously consider.

Grandpas Gone Wild

This theme speaks for itself. It consists of you and the lads all done up like grandpas and of course you shouldn’t miss out on the ‘gone wild’ part of the theme. All you really need to pull this one off are some trouser braces, a granddad type jumper, loafers, old dude glasses and a grey wig. Also think about getting in some bucks party strippers Perth or any other location that you are in. You can also add to the whole look with some stick on moustaches.

The Eras

If you just take a quick trip down the fashion timeline for men’s fashion, you will see how it has progressively gone from hippy to hipster in the last several years to a great extent and that means that you have one more theme to try out; Eras. You can class this theme up really well with something like Al Capone suits and of course some lovely cigars if you can get them and enjoy them as well. It is best to do this one if you all share a love for the bygone vibes of the 1920s and so on. If the 70s seem a bit more your thing, you can go all the way on flower power and use flower covered flares and the likes for this.

The Superhero Tribe

To kick things off on this amazing fantasy number dress up your stag like Superman, Deadpool, Captain America, Wolverine, Flash or whoever they fancy being. You know that you guys love the Marvel and DC characters and no matter whom you want to be, there are no limits! As long as you guys keep in mind that you do not actually develop invincibility, flying abilities or the likes after a few tequilas, you all will be just fine!

Suit Up

If you guys have been fans of How I Met Your Mother, you all could learn a thing or two and just suit up! Look your best and rock those suave moves and it is going to be, wait for it, legendary!

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